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Jumaat, 8 Ogos 2014

Premium Beautiful The Best In The World

I have been under the weather for the past few weeks.. All the signs actually told me that I was expecting..

The fatigue,
Increased sense of smell,
The sudden craving,
and of course the delay of Ms P.

However, I was spotting yesterday and woke up this morning with cramps and bleeding. My 4 weeks old "baby" was gone ... Semuanya ketentuan Allah.. The cramps was unbearable until I wore my trusted Premium Beautiful corset. It felt really good once the waist nipper and the long girdle was hugging my body. The blood flowed out smoothly there after with the help of the Far Infrared Rays in Premium Beautiful. Alhamdulillah for the great product.

It is now close to 10pm and I seriously don't feel like taking off my Premium Beautiful.. Maybe I should just wear it to sleep tonight. Hopefully it will help to cleanse my womb and get it back in its healthy condition soon.

For those who are still doubting Premium Beautiful, please take my word for it. It is THE corset for us ladies. Not only does it give us a great figure, it also helps us to maintain our health, especially for our "lady" parts... I wore it to help me conceive my 2nd child.. I wore it during my confinement... And now it had helped me once again to ease my pain... Do call/sms/whatsapp me at 014-338 9190 for more details on how Premium Beautiful can help YOU..

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