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Khamis, 21 Februari 2013

Premium Beautiful : Top Leaders Council (TLC) icon SOHONISTA


There is always an opportunity to earn money. There is always some hidden opportunities we need to explore to earn money. Very few people really care about them thats why very few people are rich. We all have lots of examples of people who recognized an opportunity and converted it into a money game. What need to think about this ??? What should be our state of mind ??? Lots and lots of questions we got after thinking, how it happened !!! It depends how much sincerity we are having towards our Goal.
How we can convert the Question 
"How can I get money" to an answer "This way I can get money"

Paling membanggakan apabila my own top mentor CDM Salha Zain akan jadi salah seorang speaker untuk big event SOHONISTA.

Masuk dalam surat khabar Berita Harian 17 Februari 2013 @ Ahad

 Thank God when our mentor salha zain chosen to be our icon SOHONISTA and simultaneously from the same TLC also adopted as a successful online entrepreneur from the launch of this sohonista. Proud to be salha zain's protege and thanks to our God who Himself to be under the auspices of protege CIRCLE TOP Leaders.

Teringin nak jadi sebahagian dari usahawan online???
small office home office
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Aisyah Zazuri


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